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CNC Plastic

At Rapman Ltd., we offer a one-stop shop service for the rapid production of high-quality plastic prototypes according to your strict specifications. It's best suited for large components with relatively simple features. With CNC engraving machine, Rapman can make small and fine patterns, symbols and company logos.

Like CNC machining for metal, CNC machining for plastic guarantees: 
- High surface finishing
- Precision in dimension control
- Only the purest of materials
- The making of fine and high resolution parts. For example, patterns, symbols and company logos

CNC plastic machining for many types of materials:
- Nylon
- PC
- PP
- Acrylic (PMMA)
- Other materials
Our main objective is to save you time and money, so that you get your products to market as quickly as possible, within budget.
Contact us today at Rapman Ltd. to discuss your plastic prototype requirements.