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CNC Metal Parts Prototype
Do you need high-quality, precision-engineered CNC metal models or mock ups of parts and components for your products? 
Using sophisticated CNC equipment, our skilled technicians at Rapman Hong Kong Ltd. will take just 3-4 days to craft highly accurate and realistic CNC prototype for you, according to your strict specifications. The process is best suited for large components with relatively simple features.
We use only the purest of materials in CNC machining, so the process works well with different kinds of surface finishing. And your finished products will look attractive and will be less prone to wear and tear.

CNC metal guarantees:
- High surface finishing
- Precision in dimension control
- Only the purest of materials
CNC metal machining for many types of materials:
- Aluminum (6061, 7075 or grade)
- Stainless steel
- Brass
- Mild steel
A wide range of surface finishing:
- Anodizing Surface Finishing
- Electroplating
- Painting
- Chrome plating
- Powder coating
Other CNC metal prototype services:
- CNC machining for most type-cases and components
- Laser cutting and welding for complicated and large-size sheet metal components
- Sheet metal forming for complicated and large-size sheet metal components
- Lathe for standoff, pin and shaft parts
- Die-casting for small batches

Our main objective is to save you time and money, so that you get your products to market as quickly as possible, within budget.
Contact us today at Rapman Ltd. to discuss your CNC metal prototype requirements.